报告题目 主讲人 地点 时间
Carbon Dioxide based Heterocycles:  From their Conception to Applications in Stereocontrolled Synthesis
Prof. Arjan W. Kleij 化学馆321 2019-10-21 10时
Development of New Catalytic Reactions Involving the Activation of Traditionally Inert Bonds
Prof. Naoto Chatani 化学馆321 2019-10-09
Carbon-Carbon Bond Forming Reactions Catalyzed by Transition Metal Ate Complexes
Prof. Nobuaki Kambe 化学馆321 2019-10-09
New reactions and catalysis for sulfur functional groups
Prof. Michael Willis 化学馆 321 2019-09-25 16时
C-H Activation by Iron, Materials for Solar Cell, and New Concept in Photocatalysis
尚睿 博士 化学馆 321 2019-09-23 16时
Copper(I)-catalyzed borylation: the discovery and recent development
Prof. Hajime Ito 伊藤肇 化学馆 321 2019-09-23 15时
Hydrogen-Mediated C-C Bond Formation
Prof.Michael J.Krische 化学馆321 2019-06-21 16时
李洋 研究员 (西安交通大学) 化学馆 321 2019-05-17
Reaction of CO2 with Strained Heterocycles
Prof. Dr. Michael North 化学馆 321 2019-05-13 10时
New mixed anion materials for solar water splitting and carbon dioxide fixation
Prof. Dr. Kazuhiko Maeda 化学馆 321 2019-05-09